My trips are not being recorded

If a trip is not recorded once, it may be an isolated error due to the GPS signal. This trip is easily added manually how to do that read here.

If for some reason you're not seeing the app record your trips, please follow the steps below in order to ensure everything is setup the right way: 

1. Your phone may not have automatically uploaded the latest version. You can see this if you click on the menu in the app, there you will see at the bottom right which version it is version 1.9.0

2. Check if the device settings are correctly set up. You may check the settings for each kind of mobile in here

3. Check if the app trip recorder is active;

4. Check if you have an internet connection - if you started to record your trip but you lost your data connection, the trip will be later updated once you have your connection back on. So, for such situations, kindly wait to see if there is really a problem.

5.  Check if your tracker settings section is properly set up. 

IMPORTANT: The work schedule doesn't automatically set the hours the trip recorder will track your trips. 

The work schedule is meant for automatic reporting of your trips, made within that set period of time, to your employer. Therefore, you still need to properly set up your tracker settings to have your trip recorder working at the right times according to your agenda. 

If none of those steps help, please get in touch with our team here.